Keratino Tlk 1 (For Rebellious & Sensitised Hair)

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Keratino Tlk 1 (For Rebellious & Sensitised Hair) Keratino Luxury Treatment Series Hair Care Series CRAFT


For Rebellious & Sensitized Hair

An advanced technology that produces B5 Amino Nanomolecules. Nano B5 Amino technology-based liquid creams coat, repair and restructure hair. The Keratino as Amino System treatment is a revolutionary hair treatment. This innovative system both restructures and repairs hair. Once the hair strand is coated with a layer of Nano B5 Amino molecules, a dissolving substance is vaporized through an additional process. At the end of this process a reaction called polymerization occurs, filling the hair fissures and making the hair durable and flexible. As a result of restructuring and coating the hair with Nano B5 Amino, hair becomes beautiful, silky soft, healthier, strong, amazingly shiny and easier to style.

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